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Is tooth whitening/bleaching damaging to my teeth?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

There are numerous questions and concerns we keep on hearing at our Downtown Vancouver office about teeth whitening

Myth 1: whitening strips enamel permanently from teeth
Myth 2: scrubbing teeth hearder will clean them better

Myth 3: Using a medium or hard toothbrush will clean your teeth and stain away better

How does bleaching works?
Enamel is made out of billions of organized tubes called enamel rods that are aligned like a honeycomb. Underneath the enamel lie the dentinal tubules.

Dentin is the sensitive and yellow part of the tooth. That's why the thinner the enamel, the yellower and more sensitive the teeth become. So by scrubbing your teeth with a medium/hard brush with a “whitening toothpaste”, which often contains a stronger abrasive, your teeth may get yellower and sensitive over time.

With time, stain infiltrates between the enanel rods and becomes intrinsic stain. The only way to remove that stain without damaging the enamel is through a chemical that reacts with them, like hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide reacts with the stain molecules and cleaves them into smaller & lighter molecules that get washed away. These stain molecules also provide some isolation by plugging access to cold water & air to the sensitive dentin. That’s why your teeth become very sensitive after a teeth whitening session (it actually means that the whitening is doing its job.)

We hope we demystified some of those myths. If you may have any questions, comments or to book a consult, don't hesitate to contact us at: http://www.ariadental.com/contact.php

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